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Can I split a 5000 order into 2 Jobs of 2500 Each?

Unfortunately each file you submit will be printed the same 5000 times. We also offer quantities of 1000 if you need to split up orders in smaller amounts.

Where do I upload my artwork?

You will be prompted to upload your artwork under the product options. For every product you ordered, you will be given an upload the files.

I can not upload the art work. What can I do?

If you can not upload the file you can email it to us to with your order number

What is UV Coating? What is Glossy?

UV Coating is a thin film that is applied to your order to give a shiny gloss. You may write on UV Coating with a Sharpie or nice pen but most pens wont work. Our normal card stock is considered "Glossy" because it has a small shine to the paper itself. If you need to write on your order or mail your orders, we suggest you ask for the NON UV or GLOSSY finish.

Can I return my order?

All orders are final! No exchanges or returns on orders. All clients with previous credit must use their credits within 7 working days or they will forfeit the credit.

What type of files are accepted?

JPEG, TIF, EPS, PSD (Flat Files). We do not accept files such as (Print Shop, Corel Draw, Publisher, Word, Printshop). Please note we prefer Jpeg and TIF files as our first choice, (if you send a PDF we are not responsible for missing links or fonts).

Will my job print exactly like it is on the screen?

An gang run order is never 100% color guaranteed. Order are considerably consistent in color but they must be designed from scratch at CMYK Color and NOT RGB. Some people design in LED monitors which may look different from Plasma or Tube monitors. Please note we are not looking at a monitor while your order is printing with multiple jobs. The rule is the setting you input for that design will be the output of the product. Variation in color may occur when colored jobs land next to you order which is random in a gang run.

What are my responsibilities concerning proofing?

We do not proof any jobs. By the time the job is emailed to us, all edits should be final. You are responsible to reading all telephone numbers, sending proofs to your clients, addresses, resolutions, format, sizes and more. Before submitting your job please make sure the copy has been pre approved. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PROOFING ANY SUBMITTED JOBS.

What is the minimum resolution?

All files must be submitted at a minimum 300 Resolution. Please note that the file must be created from scratch at 300 Resolution for it to print sharp.

Will I always receive the exact amount and the exact size of what I order?

As industry standard, you will receive within 5% more or less due to errors and make ready files. As far as the final size, due to INEVITABLE tolerences in paper mills, on printing presses, and on cutters, the final size of your may vary slightly. For example, if you submit a 5 x 7 the final size can really be as small as 4 7/8 x 6 7/8 (4.875 x 5.875). This is a printing standard and completely ACCEPTABLE.

I Printed A Job Last Month, Could I Get The Same Colors As My Old Job?

NO, colors printed on an old print run Will NEVER Look 100% the Same. You will get a color very close to it.

Do you offer “RUSH” Service?

Yes We can offer that service but some restrictions apply. For more information please contact us.

When I design with a border, is the border going to always be even all around?

It is not recommended to design with borders, but if its necessary, we will make a great effort to try to keep the job as good as possible but Printing Solution Today does not guarranty even borders, This is completely normal in the printing industry due to the different steps involved during the printing and cutting process.

The size I want to print is not listed in the website. What can I do?

When this happens what you should do is either give us a call or just select a size that will fit into that particular size. For example, if you want a 5 x 8 choose 6x8 or if you want a 5 x 4 choose a 4 x 6 or 1/4 page and then let us know so we can cut to size.

If I have a large file to submit and I don't want to compress is, how else can I send it?

We use to send and receive large files is free, easy to use, no account necessary and very save. In a few simple steps you will done.
1. Click “take me to free”.
2. Click “I agree”.
3. Add your files.
4. Email to: Entre your email.
6. Subject will be you file name following with the order number.